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Updated Server Rules

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Welcome to Sager Gaming! We hope to create a fun and diverse environment for you to enjoy. With a very active community we have some Rules and Info you need to read before playing on our servers:


  • * Map icons have changed. Pacifiers = spawn zones / Poptabs = trader camps.
  • * Cement Mixers are located on map where you can craft concrete structures.
  • * Poptabs are now a PHYSICAL entity that will drop if you are killed.
  • * You can store Poptabs in LOCKERS located at Trader or in Safes.
  • * You can store up to $5,000,000 in your locker
  • * If you kill a player/mission AI, look for their Poptab loot bag on ground.
  • * Upgrade your flagpole AT TRADER to increase base radius and increase objects to be placed.
  • * Roaming AI vehicles may EXPLODE when the last occupant/driver is killed.


  • * Don't beg or ask for poptabs.  Go out and earn your own way.
  • * Don't Ask For any Teleports. We will not do it. (Case by Case situations)
  • * No voice in Side Chat. Repeat offenders will be kicked or banned.
  • * No racist or sexist comment in chat or voice.
  • * Being abusive will result in you being kicked or banned.
  • * Don't ask repeatedly for an admin for issues you can resolve yourself.
  • * Demanding an admin to come to you wont end well for you.  Be respectful.
  • * Admin decisions are final
  • * Arguing or disrespecting an admin may get you kicked or banned.
  • * Use our forums to provide feedback in a respectful and productive manner.


  • * YOU are responsible to read and stay informed regarding our server rules.  IGNORANCE is not an excuse for poor behavior.  
  • * NO duplicating items or pop tabs.  NO hacking or using exploits for profit or gain.  Hacking/glitching/duping will earn you an instant ban.
  • * NO parking locked vehicles on main/paved roads.
  • * NO camping Trader Zones. 
  • * NO killing people within 500m of Trader Zones.Try to be at least 500 meters from the edge of the safe zones before engaging combat
  • * NO killing or driving over Traders.
  • * NO stealing at any Trader Zone.
  • * NO looting crates, containers or vehicles in any Trader Zone.
  • * NO placing mines within 500m of any runway.
  • * NO killing or placing mines within 500m of Trader Zones.
  • * NO storing equipment or parking vehicles or pods in Trader Zones.
  • * NO dropping vehicles onto bases.
  • * NO wall hacking into bases.
  • * NO admin teleports for your character or poptab freebies.
  • *** Accusations of cheating/hacking must be backed up by evidence otherwise it is just your word against someone else's. Admin assistance requires video evidence 9 times out of 10, therefore it is the responsibility of the player to ensure they have shadow play or video recording software and to make use of it.
  • * Compensation requires evidence for everything on this server.***
  • * Random spawned vehicles cannot be locked and are deleted on restart.
  • * Buy your own vehicles at Traders to make them lockable.
  • * Vehicles parked in safe zones will unlock at server restart.
  • * There will be no compensation for items lost due to Exile/Arma bugs.
  • * PVP is allowed but give people a chance to re-gear after killing them.
  • * You are no longer considered a fresh spawn if you have a weapon OR if you are miles from the spawn area and are still unarmed.
  • * Repeatedly running back to your body to get your gear in a fire-fight will get you killed, so don't complain about it. Either wait, or re-gear elsewhere.
  • Real World Trading: Real world trading is forbidden from SagerGaming Exile, players are not to sell in-game items, currency or anything of that category for real money.


  • * NO building 500m from the edge of Safe Zone or Spawn Point.
  • * NO building 500m from airfields or military areas.
  • * NO obstructing roads (stay 1 wall width away from roads and no building over paved roads).
  • * NO blocking of water or fuel stations.
  • * NO building on fire stations.
  • * Building is allowed in all other areas.  Ask if you're unsure.
  • * Don't park vehicles on constructed floors or too close to other items over a restart or you run the risk of the vehicle exploding when you log in again.
  • * Use the Virtual Garage in your XM8 App-Remember to empty your inventory first it will not save.
  • * Parking helicopters on wood floors is NOT recommended.
  • * Land vehicles function best parked on map ground.
  • * Wooden base walls and floors are NOT bullet proof.
  • * Fortified wooden walls are bullet RESISTANT, but not bullet proof. Concrete is bullet proof.
  • * Don't log out in a vehicle (if you do, you may die logging in - spam VAULT to attempt to get off vehicle in time).
  • * Exile and Arma have alot of bugs and glitches. Sometimes random explosions and deaths occur as a result. We are not responsible for bugs in the game, if this happens just suck it up.


  • Purchase Price         Radius         Number of Objects
  •         {5000,                    10,            20                     }, // Level 1
  •         {10000,                  20,            40                     }, // Level 2 
  •         {20000,                  30,            60                     }, // Level 3
  •         {35000,                  40,            80                    }, // Level 4
  •         {50000,                  50,          100                    }, // Level 5
  •         {100000,                75,          120                    }, // Level 6
  •         {150000,                100,        140                    }, // Level 7
  •         {200000,                120,        160                    }, // Level 8
  •         {300000,                135,        180                    }, // Level 9
  •         {500000,                150,        200                    }, // Level 10


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