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Lag and crashes

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I have been playing on this server for a few weeks now and so far I love it. The problem is I keep lagging and then server crashes for sometimes hours. Well tonight it lagged, crashed, and I cannot log back in to the server with my three other friends being unable to do so as well. The problem isn't our computers as we all are gamers with decent to the obscene gaming rigs.

Before the lag spike we were in the process of moving gear into our base and the server messed up. My car is unlocked and the door to my house is unlocked. What can we do to get this resolved because I really want to make the Sagergaming server my home. Please help.

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We are trying to figure out which recent update has broke Exile again. If you can message me on steam when you feel like the server has crashed and I can check it out much quicker. if no one tells me its crashed then it just sits there until I catch it.

Steam name is Bruiser and my pic is SagerGaming logo


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