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Trader Spawn Blocked

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At the central trader, closest to the volcano, the air vehicle spawn point is blocked by a helicopter. From my experience in arma code this vehicle seems to have been placed as a part of the map with physics simulation disabled thus why I'm unsure if this is intentional.

The chopper sits on the spawn pad for air vehicles at this trader and prevents the purchasing of any new ones. It persists through restarts.

Further- it is NOT a player vehicle. It is either the game trying to handle a previously wrecked one and failing to do so correctly thus disabling simulation (unlikely)
or it is placed in the map for some reason (much more likely)

To my knowledge this is not intentional; however, if so, I recommend removing the aircraft vendor from that trader specifically instead of blocking the spawn point. 
It would achieve the same goal without cluttering the trader as much, or causing any confusion.

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it works just fine. that little chopper and heli pad are map props. the aircraft spawn is across the road. and I just tested it. works just fine.

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