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Threatened Ban?

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I had shot and killed two players by the name of Zumie and Deadpool at an AI mission earlier today.

Shortly after they proceeded to tell me that I was about to be banned.

When asked what rule I had broken the response was along the lines of "you waited until we did all the work and then killed us"

When reading the rules I do not recall any rule pertaining to this. 
The kills were in no proximity to a safezone and the two I was firing at were in no way heading towards or away from any safezone as they had been standing still for nearly 5 minutes and showed no attempt to leave the area.

After the kills I did not resort to any profanity or slurs/insults. In fact the only time I spoke was to defend myself from their claims and to ask what rule was broken.

If, after all this, I have committed a bannable offense then I accept my punishment and apologize for not correctly reading the rules. Throughout the server it is advertised as very clearly a PVP server (not limited to specific zones).


Thank you.

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as long as you weren't camping a safe zone then I see no issue, its PVP. players need to open the XM8 more often and do player scans. sounds like they were just angry at being poached. 

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