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Found 1 result

  1. Today, I and my friend Victor Bona, we did a mission, at the moment everything is going well, until we saw a UAV following us, in that we came across a player called Sam logged on the server, soon we verified within the trade of stary sobor if the Player was in the trade zone. Soon we did not find anyone, so we left, returned on the mission we took the loot and went back to the trade to sell our items. In this I see the player Sam running towards Gorka, the surroundings of the trade hiding behind the bushes. When we left the trade, we came across the UAV again following our vehicle, we returned to the Trade zone and went to the place he hid. Soon he realized that we knew he was hiding on the spot and rushed off toward the trade, disguising that nothing had happened. I have the screenshoots and they are here.