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  1. Respect lost by deaths

    Hello, I suggest decrease the respect you loose evry time you die in chernarus server, some players can hardly make some respect by selling things or killing NPCS in hours (and being killed in the way), but you loose hours of work in seconds being killed most of the times by arma bugs or glitches. im sure more players will keep playing this server by doing this
  2. Players offending

    Bigdaddy offending at Chernarus server, he and his friends... screenshots in my steam account
  3. Clarifying a rule

    it's a good sugestion... but is not written yet, so, my mistake...anyway, I have to say, i have an armed chopper and i had a m1 abrahams (that i sold later) and i do some missions with those but i've never killed a player or messing another players with that respecting what Dustin said to me, so, if you see that chopper or a tank it won't be a threat to any players even if that rule is not written.
  4. Clarifying a rule

    Oh, I was misunderstandig that rule... you guys are right. Apologies for it. i had a wrong concept about "Sling Bombing" meaning and that video clarified that. So, i know Dustin told once you can't kill with choppers, that you can use it only for missions, but i also know that rule is not in the forums yet, and i was taking (wrongly) the last rule as a restriction for doing that. So, my bad. Be safe guys.
  5. Clarifying a rule

    Rule: "The use of cars, trucks, vans, quadbikes, bikes or any other vehicle as projectiles from helicopters to damage bases or players (Sling Bombing) Is not allowed and will result in corrective action." well, today i spoke with malakoi (zeux) about it, he said im crying about being killed with helis missiles, he said there's no rule for it and he said he already spoke with bruiser and, according him, bruiser told him there's nothing wrong killing that way, so he unbanned him, so, if that's true i want to know just to "stop crying" about it, and start using choppers to kill players and raid bases, thing that clearly im reading isn't allowed, or am i wrong?.