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  1. Player killing on trade.

    nice to see your not replying to your friend hunting us with the attack heli.
  2. Player killing on trade.

    yes you died because you tried to hit me and ran into my vehicle and committed suicide. But lets say for instance i did shoot at you, and you died of bleeding, you should have just reported it. but your friend did not, he came and killed me. but lets take it one step further, after he killed me he then proceeded to sell my cars and loot everything form my body wich is stealing inside a trade zone if were using the no activity withing 400m rule. so eaither way you were both wrong. i didnt kill you you suicided, your friend knowing that he was within 400m of a trade zone killed me, then took my vehilces and sold them and the stuff i was carrying. blatent server disrespect. also it is 10:32 est and victor is now hunting me and 3 friends with an attack helicopter, also against server rules.
  3. killed in safe zone

    okay and now i have 2 witnesses that hes running around killing us with an attack helicopter. also check the logs for the first time he broke server rules. you will clearly see i never killed anyone and that indeed did kill me.
  4. killed in safe zone

    also he then proceeded to sell all my stuff and cars. so he kills me within 400m of safe zone then has the nerve to go back and forth to sell my shit. not cool.
  5. killed in safe zone

    300m from safe zone and was killed by victor bona. happend at 8:15 am. est
  6. its a server side issue. im sure once a dev gets on it will be resolved. good server hang in there and they will take care of it.
  7. EXtendedbase.pbo are not signed by an accepted key