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  1. Suggestions for the server.

    I agree on the NVG for bambi after a certain Respect is reached. Also there is a glitch that can be fixed that when you try to tow a vehicle (not using ropes) you often times get kicked. I know this can be fixed I just dont know how, ive seen other server fix it before. Still a great server none the less, keep up the good work guys.
  2. The bugs/Exploit section of forums seems to be broken. cant post bugs or if a server is crashing. Chernaruas server crashed twice today, so far
  3. Unable to connect

    Server crashed twice today so far 1/23/17
  4. I get same error and cant connect sometimes
  5. Unable to connect

    Today I was able to connect, I didn't change anything. Feel free to delete post. sorry
  6. Unable to connect

    Hello everyone, I'm new on the server as of yesterday. This server reminds me of how my server used to be set up, love it! But tonight I go connect and I got this error and then kicked. Perhaps there was a CBA update serverside or something? Any ideas? (Screenshot below) <img>http://prntscr.com/dxgyk9
  7. Suggestions for the server.

    Love the server great set up! Only suggestion I have right now would be HappyDayz bike pack script. (Double click radio for mountain bike, that u can repack) Found here: Also if you are interested I have Skalisky "bridge.sqf" that i made for the server i used to own. I would glady give it if you want, just let me know! Keep up the good work guys!