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  1. New Years Wish list

    i assume you're trying to say you came here cause it wasn't heavily militarized, but from what i've encountered ingame, you run with gear to combat armor anyways. 9/10 you have a launcher where as most of the players on here hardly run with a launcher at all. we have them but keep them put up cause we dont feel a need to use them. so again, you say you came here cause you wanted it to be realistic and you like that its not heavily armored, but you run a loadout that is made for exactly that. something doesnt seem right about that picture. plus, its simply a post on what i'd personally like to see. im fine with it either way.
  2. New Years Wish list

    This would be perfect for the server, not saying every plane, but definitely some of the prop fighters, something that could combat a Y-32 somewhat, but also be affordable. what do you guys think?
  3. New Years Wish list

  4. New Years Wish list

    Firstly, im pretty sure the server states PvP, secondly zombies are not even a factor hardly considering you have to mainly be in red zones to even encounter them. i disagree with you on the fact your using the word realistic for a server that has zombies. thermals are op and titans are too, as for the Y-32s they are the most op thing on this server but how many have you seen? ive only seen 1 and that would be ours. it took 4 of us combining all our money to even get it. if tanks were 600k plus firstly you wouldn't hardly even see them, 1 because they would be expensive and 2 because of titans and any other launchers would be able to disable them easily, look im not saying to exactly add M1 abrams and T-90s, preferably id like to see something from an older era, such as "World War 2" or "Vietnam" era. it would add a new level of gameplay and give bigger clans more to use when wars start to break out. plus you said it yourself, the Y-32 could easily destroy a tank and be gone before they even realized it.
  5. New Years Wish list

    Hi, my name is Hyotaru and i've been playing on this lovely server for over 3 weeks now, not long but long enough to think up on a couple ideas for both performance of the Tanoa server, and for pleasure. starting with performance, i've noticed the server has a abnormally long despawn timer on player bodies and destroyed vehicles, other servers i've played on have cut the time greatly to increase fps, when a heli blows up and a hour later its still there, something just isn't right with that, considering you cant even do anything with it. its just something that should have a very quick timer on it, so its 1 less thing the server doesn't have to load and keep track of. For my next idea, and im sure everyone can agree upon, spawning in with guns is no big deal, and it puts you into combat from the start, which im sure alot of people like. but being able to spawn at the same zone over and over again with no timer gets old and can kill servers. people who have worked hard to fight off groups at a mission and also fight the AI and win, should have that peace of mind that they can gain the spoils without a bambi spawning in with a gun right back ontop of them. not to mention if you kill them you lose 2-3k respect cause they are still considered a bambi. for my last segment, im going to cover my personal pleasures, 1 being the introduction of MBT or any kind of heavy tanks. hell, if you can somehow bring in WW2 or Vietnam war era tanks, i can see someone claiming it would be too OP but i disagree, the Y-32 VTOL with its complete armaments could easily rip anyone a new hole and easily get away, simple rules could be set in place to prevent any issues, such as base camping with one could be banished or ect. rules would need to be discussed further. 2 pleasure would be a plane that is armed, again be it Biplane or even a WW2 era, if possible, only because of the littered Japanese Zeros i see around the islands. for all who have read this thank you, and i hope you all agree. for both performance fixes and my more personal pleasures that not only myself would enjoy of course ;). -Hyotaru