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  1. Base Building

    There still not safe. I've seen them 100 bigmomas you got
  2. Add Base Spawning

    Well with the current state of spawning in with gear and you can shoot at you enemy all you want and still be in Bambi state is bad if you shoot them you loose tons of respect event thought there geared and shooting at you should make them fair game. Oh yeah do I mention that I disagree. Just change the server to wasteland and be done with it.
  3. Add Base Spawning

    and if your base is being raided you just keep spawning in over and over and over.its already been made easy enough its just a few more things and it will be a full blown wasteland server. they made every thing super easy to get like it is. extra vehicles full of gas spawn with weapons.yaull want to spawn with a quad between your legs too .i say heck no
  4. Bug keeping me from playing

    Best way to get fast help is to hop on teamspeak and ask admin for help.
  5. not signed by a key accepted by this server?

    Make sure you have it set to auto update
  6. New Years Wish list

    lol I don't run around with a launcher on my back....you just haven't seen me at traders and seen my loadout..I get a launcher I sell it ..I bought a titan launcher and 2 rockes the other day because I logged in our scout chopper spotted and tank gave me his loacation and when I what at trader I got what was necessary to destroy vehicle the I gave the launcher away cause I had no use for it after that..i do wear thermal clothes cause every one wears thermal goggles or spider helment in not going to run around like a big white or black spot...I wish they would remove thermals..only night vision but that my opinion
  7. New Years Wish list

    i know a good wasteland server where you can have all the planes tanks all kinds of armored vehicles .tanks planes and automobile aren't what filled up the server i came here cause it wasn't..so militarized..so did the other 8 regulars that followd me...ask for pink panties they put that in for you too
  8. Spawn loot and vehicle store.

  9. Vehicle Spawns

    There really is a lot...a limited amout of 4 wheelers in the spawn aread but there a vehicles outside the spawn areas also like Urals,Uazs,medical trucks,ladas.cabs.cars,ifrits..,and tarus..always grab a few gas gas fill them up you would be surprised what you find also loot killed zombies for code locks when you find a vehicle us that to make it yours.
  10. New Years Wish list

    personaly if I wanted a tank id be playing waseland server..i thought this was a zombie survival mod.even in zombie movies I never saw survivors running around in tanks..come on people be a little more realistic.i think that the thermals are op and titans are op. should just be rpgs, but I like more realistic gameplay..i mean I'm starting to see Xian jets flying around dominating ground vehicles .Taking out the little guys..seems like its just takes the fun out of it. but thats my opinion
  11. Tanoa Boats

    I have purchased a few boats everything was ok. Is the problem at one trader a few or all. I'm curious before I purchase one from a different place other then my normal location people have been saying don't buy it messed up.
  12. Spawn loot and vehicle store.

    Is it possible to have the cup weapons to spawn as loot too?also there is a very special truck that captured my heart I was wondering if it could be added to the vehicle store list. Woodland crossing his fingers X. It called the wolf hound I believe. It's so mad max
  13. Community Missions

    Last night was the first community mission. I don't think it went as planed but a lot of people participated. Had lots of laughs. On our end. Thanks to the admins for letting us do these. It's a great break from the normal routine. What are some other community mission ideas I'm sure that there are a lot floating. Around. One could be a treasure hunt hide a crate in a hoard zone and have a few people defending it. But there a tons of ideas I'm sure. What could be the next community mission? Any ideas