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  1. This response was to another complaint we made. This is another complaint. As you can see the server was going to reboot and he was following us to see where we were going to try to kill us when the server was online. Desig, are you trying to troll the forum? Using a response from another complaint? When Sam did, that rule was still active. But it will not be banned. Dustin's friends, they do what they want on the server.
  2. The server is locked.

    Server is locked about 20 minutes behind.
  3. Dude ... how can you be like this? Do not you honor your own word?
  4. Funny ... you said you played no server for a long time. But where does that give you the right to do that? Look at you in the trade running after we get you using the vant to follow us. Dude ... please. My God. This is the second time you do this.
  5. I knew he was going to do it. We left the trade and we expect it to use the vant. When the vant was in the air, I went to trade to get it. He wanted to know where we were going to go.
  6. Clarifying a rule

  7. Clarifying a rule

    If someone is on a mission using a tank or an armed helicopter. Someone starts to attack me. Do I have to leave the mission?
  8. Clarifying a rule

    We will not kill with helicopters and armed tanks. Primitive hunter, I myself suggested that the rule of not using armed vehicles to kill players should be added.
  9. Clarifying a rule

    We will not kill with armed helicopters and tanks. Primitive hunter, I myself suggested that the rule of not using armed vehicles to kill players was created.
  10. Clarifying a rule

    There is something written in the rule that is well readable. Do not use vehicles as projectiles. That means Sling Bombing. The rule says not to use vehicles as projectiles and does not say not to use the weapons available in the vehicles. Look this video guys... this is Sling Bombing.
  11. Fake accusation.

    Today my friend did the sniper mission camp. While going to sell the loot, he found two players and killed using the titan. They made a false charge that they were killed within 400 meters of the trade.
  12. Server down.

    Server is online again.
  13. Server down.

    I do not know if anyone warned. But the server crashed 10 minutes ago.
  14. Well Benja Is coming

    Welcome! Be careful. The dustin (adm chernarus) did not update the rules.