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    Okay, I'll try to do this, thank you Bruiser

    Hello friends, I need a very urgent help, I am having an error trying to enter the Exile chernarus server, the error is the following MEMORY CAN NOT BE WRITTEN. Can someone please help me?
  3. Funny that you, when you saw that we were going towards you, exactly where you hid, you dropped your UAV and ran to trade, what a coincidence, you void your UAV and come running for trade when we went In your position ... spare me Sam, you used the UAV inside the trade, hidden in the bush. How do you have the face of lying face dude? Second time I report you for the same abuse and you still come with lies, face without character and honesty ...
  4. And then explain to me who this flying UAV is? And why did you come back quickly to the trade zone when you saw us heading towards you?
  5. It is already the second post that I do, denouncing its conduct of using this UAV to follow players inside the safezone.
  6. You stopped right on top of the trade zone in a bush to hide, and when you saw that we were going towards you, you disconnected from your UAV and ran into the trade zone, disguising that nothing had happened ... For love God, man, you're very ridiculous, you saw that you were doing shit, and now you're coming to victimize yourself!
  7. Today, I and my friend Victor Bona, we did a mission, at the moment everything is going well, until we saw a UAV following us, in that we came across a player called Sam logged on the server, soon we verified within the trade of stary sobor if the Player was in the trade zone. Soon we did not find anyone, so we left, returned on the mission we took the loot and went back to the trade to sell our items. In this I see the player Sam running towards Gorka, the surroundings of the trade hiding behind the bushes. When we left the trade, we came across the UAV again following our vehicle, we returned to the Trade zone and went to the place he hid. Soon he realized that we knew he was hiding on the spot and rushed off toward the trade, disguising that nothing had happened. I have the screenshoots and they are here.
  8. Clarifying a rule

    Exactly, how should I react to this, I must flee and let the guy get the loot of the mission because I can not kill him, and he can kill me.
  9. Clarifying a rule

    Dude, I'm going to be very sincere, my sincere suggestion, the vehicles are in the game is to use, there are the missile launches that you have to combat the aerial vehicles and the terrestrials like the tanks and Apaches, so I could let you kill players with the Vehicles like the tanks and the 2 armed helicopters you have, because you have to fight them with TITAN AT and TITAN AA. Here is my sincere suggestion.
  10. Clarifying a rule

    If Dustin missed the rule, I think so, because he did not put the exact rule that he had thought, because he did not say that the HELICOPTER could only be used to do the missions, there is nothing written about it, am I right? And I'm still wrong, am I really breaking the rules or are you making a mistake?
  11. Clarifying a rule

    I make the words of Victor Bona mine, I said that there is no rule in the Exile chernarus, about killing with the helicopter with shots. At no time did I say there was no rule for me, I was banned for a rule that does not exist, Sling bombing is it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz5FLViJNwg, Do not want to defame me PrimitiveHunter, I went Allowed to play again on the server, because Dustin did not have a rule or concrete accusation that I did something wrong on the server, I was banned by players who did not even have a photo or proof that I broke the rules! Let's be men here because it seems like a crying child ... Primitive hunter, since you're accusing me again of breaking the rules, SEND SOMETHING TO ME, some proof, video, instead of coming here just to talk Speak, without proof. Talk to Bruiser, and he'll tell you why I've been banned, okay? Have a nice day! Zeus
  12. Suggestions for the server.

    Thank you, no problem, sorry for bothering you! Good job, and have a good day !!!
  13. Suggestions for the server.

    There is an update that says that the boxes can be sold in the wastedump, however, I have already made this complaint and I did not have any answer, good is the following, there is no way to sell the boxes in the wastedump, outside the vehicle or inside the vehicle does not appear You can sell it, Bruiser, can you fix it? Thank you good game and good work! have a nice day! Zeus
  14. The error occurs when I try to log into the server, but it stays on the connecting screen, and this message appears, someone else with the same problem? Here are the screenshots: