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  1. NEW CHERNARUS Flag Levels

    Hey Bruiser, A few of us were wondering what the different flag levels yield on the new map as far as diameter and base parts! Thank you very much! Sidistic
  2. Zombies

    MO!!!! WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!!! Hit us up on TS sometime!
  3. Just wanted to share this...

    I just want it noted for the record: The above is not an approved use for quads, telephone poles, or tow ropes.
  4. Add Base Spawning

    Now I feel bad..... Lux all professional and shit. I'd give it a try so long as you had timers on all spawns and the base spawn timer was Loooooong. 10-15 min between spawns?
  5. Add Base Spawning

    I agree. No base spawning. The rules added to the server in the past few weeks have made everything so freaking easy. I don't need my ass wiped. I can do it myself. You now spawn with gear. There are 500 quads in every city. You don't need gas to pull a spawned vehicle.

    This is what happens when you trespass on the northern coast. Skyrim is for the Nords!
  7. Base Building

    Benja hush... How am I supposed to support my baby mommas now.
  8. Christmas Wish List

    Dear Santa, We have all been good little girls and boys... Here is my list: Waste Dump at the northern airfield near Ovau. Increase price of code locks (now that people can use them to lock vehicles). Bring back the A-10s. The airforce did it. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaAAAAP I miss having the AI fly around! Thanks! Sidistic
  9. Bug: Flying car?

    Fumble, What's your in game name? Hit me up next time you're on; we can show you the ropes. ~Sidistic
  10. Tanoa Boats

    I was curious as to the state of boats in future updates? It seems that most if not all the boat spawn locations are bugged. Spawning a boat is usually met with an explosive end. Any chance this might get rectified? Thanks, Sidistic