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  1. Chernarus #1/Chernarus isles is pretty much 3 or less people daily. it would be great to have the walking dead roaming. Sager does it TEN times better then Se7ev which is the only decent scripted chernarus isles with zombies.
  2. Can you please consider these two mods for chernarus isles and especially DS Houses. Makes it feel like the mods old days when you can actually enter the buildings. Cheers
  3. yea I contacted support
  4. it's all good and yea if Im wronged I go all in and they started the rude talk and infistar has admitted he didnt ban me for cheating and actually wants me to PAY him to be unbanned! So know that hes a thief and when you see global bans ( if you use his) that most are probably bullshit. ( Im attaching proof ) I also dont regret anything I said to him as hes trying to extort me.
  5. Some I can get in yes. Most I get " you we're kicked from game" and some I get " you we're globally banned infistar" or something to that effect. I uninstalled and reinstalled ( over 60gb's of mods btw" and same story. Like I said I argued and called the exile developers A LOT of names after they had been condescending ( yea childish I get that ) but for them to actually have this dude add me to a ban list is almost criminal as 99% of servers use his anti hack and they know it. I've contacted BI but highly doubt they'll do anything.
  6. Think it's infistar to be honest. They added me to ban list not for cheating but for arguing and getting banned on exile forums. It's pretty disgusting that exile devs/infi can be allowed to do that but they have.
  7. Here is my RPT all I can see is I'm missing some "unknown" dlc. I use macca's A3 launcher so it loads all mods automatically. Also verified all mods. arma3_x64_2017-09-26_06-30-55.rpt