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  1. on yeah i for got that pirates are not around any more but we know they are but yet arma 3 exile is about u the player a prisoner on a island with missions like stolen kitt from knight rider,stolen helis ,walmat riot,lost navy seals and more plus traders that sell guns helis,jets,cars and tanks oh and you can fix any vehicle with duct tape so mmmmm yeah some sea going missions would be a nice change oh and i for got to say ZOMBIES on some ARMA servers too so jokes on u joker
  2. Hi i love that there are alot of missions on land but is there a way to maybe implement sea missions like 1 lost/stranded navy ship 2 pirate ship 3 Lost Tresure i just feel there is not much to do with the boats and some sea missions would be a change and fun also is there a way of a full screen NV and maybe thermel on the stryder thanks for reading