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  1. You were banned

    Alright thank you so much my man. appreciate it
  2. You were banned

    On Exile chernarus #2 i was at vybor trader and about 15 mins before i went there i completed a mission called "Vybor Occupation" and about 10 to 20 mins i completed the mission and gathered the gear crate and also collected about all the weapons and gear from the AI's. so once i was done with the mission i was headed to vybor trader and i sold my regular strider and all the gear in it that was worth about 350k to 400k including the car so i sold it then about 2 secs after i was banned and it just says "You Were Banned". I have no idea what i have done, maybe sold to much at a time? i honestly have no idea. in game name:Tom Wanks