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  1. Possible base raided via exploit

    Please ignore this, I figured out what happened.
  2. Possible base raided via exploit

    As far as I know, a Thermal Scanner Pro only functions with 15 minutes of using a keypad, however yesterday, our base was raided and no one was on the entire day. I looked around and I didn't see a single breach; none of our walls are destroyed and there are no gaps that you can sneak in through, so I suspect that someone exploited a wall glitch to access our base and steal our flag. Is there any way that there can be an investigation into this? I haven't restored our flag yet so the base is in the same condition it was when I logged on to find that we had been raided. Also, I would like to report some very suspicious behavior, but I would feel more comfortable speaking directly to an admin in game, or through private message. Thank you for taking the time to review this post, I appreciate it.
  3. Possible Base Item Relocation Bug?

    Thank you for the replacement, I really appreciate it. My server name is Josh and I'm part of the "Pen Island Hoes." I may not be on for a couple days because of University exams, but either Vortell, TJ, Daniel or Sori will be. You can give it to one of them if that's okay with you. If not, I can get it from you when I log in next. Again, Thank you very much!
  4. Possible Base Item Relocation Bug?

    Hey there, earlier today I was doing some work around the base and I attempted to move the cement mixer. I didn't know that I hit the base limit, and when I went to move it, it deleted the item. At 500,000 tabs, it's a pretty expensive mistake. Is there a way of getting some admin assistance on the matter - or - is it possible to see what your building limit is so I don't make this mistake again?