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  1. ok, good, best of luck.
  2. you need to write to bohemia legal dept. and let them know what they are doing.
  3. Ban appeal exile esseker

    english, are you still banned? Also, never put more than 500K into locker at a time or infastar with ban you automatically.
  4. well calling them a bunch of names couldn't have helped much. so who knows what they could have done. but either way, I don't think we can help you from the server end. wish we could do more.
  5. i never heard this before but anything is possible. well try the reload, you've got nothing to lose but time. best of luck. before i forget, did you try loading into other servers? and if so did you get in?
  6. Dj, you might have to reload all your mods, dustin had to about a month ago, he even reloaded his A3 launcher.
  7. Sharks in Tanoa

    how about sharks with fricken lasers on their head?
  8. Threatened Ban?

    as long as you weren't camping a safe zone then I see no issue, its PVP. players need to open the XM8 more often and do player scans. sounds like they were just angry at being poached.
  9. Disappearing Vehicles?

    same thing happening over on the cherno map. they're not blowing up, they just vanish at restart.
  10. Respect lost by deaths

    i have to agree. you can kill almost every NPC at an occupation mission and get aim botted by one and lose everything. i would say keep it the same for the PVP but against AI it should be cut back. im at the point ill be wearing orange next time i spawn. and if you can, plz put in more roaming AI and make the raiding party big again. that would give cowboy something to shoot other than players all the time.

    pirate ships? lost treasure? this is ARMA not "Pirates of the Caribbean"! :-D
  12. Server Down?

    type in SAGER is A3 search and the server will come up. the server was moved a few days back. when you find it FAV it in A3 and un-FAV the old one that says password.
  13. Possible base raided via exploit

    that's how they raided our base, with that damn wall glitch. we had two bulkheads holding the base up, one was for the flag the other was a dummy, they knew just where to put the charge and not waste the mobile phone.
  14. ZOMBIES?????? do you miss DAYZ? AI/NPC not enough? NO ZOMBIES! thats the reason many players came to this server, no zombies.
  15. can't see why anyone would use anything else for flying and driving. the controller just makes life easier.