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  1. what is this reputation on the forums and why did Victor bona give me a negative 1 reputation? i didnt do anything to deserve a negative one
  2. Want to see if maybe there be a way to do an insurance thing that you can buy at the office trader in the trader for just one and ONLY one vehicle that you either just purchased or have stored in your virtual garage. Like you buy the insurance for like 500k (depending on how expensive the vehicle is) that way if said vehicle gets destroyed, you can go to the office trader and buy back said vehicle for 500k as long as the insurance is kept up. You keep up the insurance just as you would with territory protection. I have no clue if this is possible from server owners or if it has to be done through the exile mod devs but Bruiser, if u can do this it was be nice.
  3. Add some vehicles

    Just want to suggest that you add artillary and the Blackfish with guns to the new chernarus server. Make them as expensive as the attack jets (a10 worthog and the other million dollar jet) but put them in the black market trader only, and maybe put a bridge connecting the island from the balck market trader to the mainland. Plus i would like to see the extended base mod on there as well and maybe the super stallion as the only vehicle from the CUP mod. if u woudl consider this, it would be greatly appriciated