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    i voted for OTHER and my choice of map is napf. And please let us keep our money dont feel like doing the grind again. Thanks JOO+BRUISER+ALL THE OTHERS
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    I voted "Other" my vote is for napf. I also voted yes to have the money moved to the new map, i do not wish to start over completely thanks !
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    And then explain to me who this flying UAV is? And why did you come back quickly to the trade zone when you saw us heading towards you?
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    Just for future reference. I will see messages on steam much faster. If you can add me to your steam. Thanks Bruiser my pic on my profile is sagergaming logo.
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    Help me out here, I don't see in the the info you provided the guys name that was killing people by following then with a UAV. If he was just following people but not killing people because of it is not breaking the rules. If he's just flying around a UAV and nothing else then he isn't causing problems.
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    finding random locked BDRM's around the map, I cant unlock so boom......
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    Voted other want the dank Napf
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    There are already other chernarus maps. People would just go join higher pop servers if we start fresh on a chernarus map.
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    Voted Other want Napf. Tired of the chenarus maps.
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    I believe there should be an addage of amphibious predators lurking the waters of Tanoa. Wether these mythical beasts were victims of poaching, and extinction is beside me. All i believe to know, is that there should in fact, statistically be sharks roaming the great waters of Tanoa. Also as a Side note, why the fuck do we swim so god dang slow. Not complaining or anything, just an enthusiastic Michael Phelps fan, and i would like to model him in Arma 3 without the use of Flippers.
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    True this would make the game more interesting. maybe some new guns as well?
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    updated server again. let me know if that works.
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    i have to agree. you can kill almost every NPC at an occupation mission and get aim botted by one and lose everything. i would say keep it the same for the PVP but against AI it should be cut back. im at the point ill be wearing orange next time i spawn. and if you can, plz put in more roaming AI and make the raiding party big again. that would give cowboy something to shoot other than players all the time.
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    Hello, I suggest decrease the respect you loose evry time you die in chernarus server, some players can hardly make some respect by selling things or killing NPCS in hours (and being killed in the way), but you loose hours of work in seconds being killed most of the times by arma bugs or glitches. im sure more players will keep playing this server by doing this
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    you have been unbanned.. we have anti hack running.. you triggered it when you sold so much at one time.. try to break it up a little bit so you don't make so much money all at one time.. Thanks, Bruiser
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    Sagergaming relies on donations to keep the servers running and to make further expansions towards different games and better game play. ExileChernarus #1 Server and ExileEsseker #1 Server only Donor Packages are monthly subscriptions! Tier 1 $5 • 1 x Private Channel in TeamSpeak Tier 2 $20 • 1 x Private Channel in Teamspeak • 1 x Reserved Slot in Game Tier 3 $30 • 1 x Private Channel in Teamspeak • 1 x Reserved Slot in Game • 1 x Access to Custom Skins for vehicles and aircraft in game! Go to Sagergaming.com to purchase Donor package or to support our server. Donation options are Here!
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    Sidistic, this is located in the RULES look under building at the bottom.. it is in the forums rules section..(not ingame yet) FYI
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    Dear community, Based on feedback from server operators we acknowledge that the costs connected to hosting a server can be prohibitive and thus rules out a lot of gamers or squads from being able to afford one, so we have agreed to allow limited monetization of Arma 3 Servers. Quoted from Bohemia Arma 3 Server Monetization From February 1st 2015, anyone is allowed to monetize their Arma 3 server in the following way as long as they're registered, approved and listed on https://www.bistudio.com/monetization/approved/arma3: Charging players to access your server, if the fees and associated perks do not affect gameplay in any way, is allowed. Cosmetic perks are allowed. Limiting access to only paying players is allowed. Product placement, in-game advertising and sponsorship is allowed. Selling of in-game items, that don’t affect gameplay, is allowed. Accepting donations is allowed, but to avoid any doubts: not providing donations must not prevent anyone from accessing the content. If we feel anyone on the list at https://www.bistudio.com/monetization/approved/arma3 is exploiting any loopholes or is not acting in the best interests of the Arma 3 community, we will remove them. That will mean they will have to cease this kind of monetization immediately or face legal action. Before applying, please check the following FAQ We consider this to be a test run and therefore the permission is given for a limited time. It will expire on January 31st 2018. At that point, we will evaluate its effects on the Arma 3 community. So if you or the community feel that we breach these rules feel free to Inform us so that we can correct it. 1.We are applying for this so that we may be able to get sponsorship to help with cost of Server's and or to get more in the Future. 2.We at Sagergaming.com will never charge you to play on the Server's EVER. 3.If we do decide to do any kind of donator perk in game it will purely be able to be purchased from anyone. 4.And finally all donations are much appreciated we operate purely on your generosity, we are now a long standing community operating for the last 2 years with quite alot of success. As with any community we have had our ups and downs. Starting in 2017 however we plan on making our official 3rd year even bigger and better! Sagergaming relies entirely on donations to pay its bills for all our servers. If you like Sagergaming servers, please consider supporting their continued existence by making a donation. Every little bit helps! IMPORTANT: if you wish to receive any supporter benefits, you MUST either: A. Send a note with the PayPal donation stating your Forum user/Steam ID and the server(s) you wish to donate to by clicking the "+ Add special instructions to seller" button before confirming your donation, OR B. Post here with your full forum username and/or Steam ID, the server(s) you wish to donate to, the donation amount, and the name/email associated with your PayPal account (e.g. "I'm John Stump, my forum username is Panda, and I made a $20 donation to ExileChernarus."). You can also select the anonymous amount if you wish for your donation to be private and hidden from other users. Your donation helps keep our servers running, fuels our expansion so that we can bring more fun to more gamers, and expresses your support for our community. These Support items are for all our Exile Servers. Tier 1 $5 • 1 x Private Channel in TeamSpeak Tier 2 $20 • 1 x Private Channel in Teamspeak • 1 x Reserved Slot in Game Tier 3 $30 • 1 x Private Channel in Teamspeak • 1 x Reserved Slot in Game • 1 x Access to Custom Skins for vehicles and aircraft in game! Welcome
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    Funny ... you said you played no server for a long time. But where does that give you the right to do that? Look at you in the trade running after we get you using the vant to follow us. Dude ... please. My God. This is the second time you do this.
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    You stopped right on top of the trade zone in a bush to hide, and when you saw that we were going towards you, you disconnected from your UAV and ran into the trade zone, disguising that nothing had happened ... For love God, man, you're very ridiculous, you saw that you were doing shit, and now you're coming to victimize yourself!
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    I have updated the rules in each server. , please take a moment and read them thank you, Bruiser
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    We will not kill with helicopters and armed tanks. Primitive hunter, I myself suggested that the rule of not using armed vehicles to kill players should be added.
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    We will not kill with armed helicopters and tanks. Primitive hunter, I myself suggested that the rule of not using armed vehicles to kill players was created.
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    If Dustin missed the rule, I think so, because he did not put the exact rule that he had thought, because he did not say that the HELICOPTER could only be used to do the missions, there is nothing written about it, am I right? And I'm still wrong, am I really breaking the rules or are you making a mistake?
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    I make the words of Victor Bona mine, I said that there is no rule in the Exile chernarus, about killing with the helicopter with shots. At no time did I say there was no rule for me, I was banned for a rule that does not exist, Sling bombing is it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz5FLViJNwg, Do not want to defame me PrimitiveHunter, I went Allowed to play again on the server, because Dustin did not have a rule or concrete accusation that I did something wrong on the server, I was banned by players who did not even have a photo or proof that I broke the rules! Let's be men here because it seems like a crying child ... Primitive hunter, since you're accusing me again of breaking the rules, SEND SOMETHING TO ME, some proof, video, instead of coming here just to talk Speak, without proof. Talk to Bruiser, and he'll tell you why I've been banned, okay? Have a nice day! Zeus
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    There is something written in the rule that is well readable. Do not use vehicles as projectiles. That means Sling Bombing. The rule says not to use vehicles as projectiles and does not say not to use the weapons available in the vehicles. Look this video guys... this is Sling Bombing.
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    It is solved, I do not know what happened, but the bug left, and I am able to play, if it happens again I return to warn, Thanks if by chance some admin helped me !!! Good game!
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    I have a bug, I can not move or die, I'm stopped, I'm fainting, I can not do anything, I read about it in some forums, I need help on this, if you want to delete my character to restore so I can play Again, I have 286k of respect, the items do not matter. Thank you!
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    I need quick help because I have to pay my base.
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    I heard a little birdy talking. Chatting about wondering where Benja went. He is watching...... Waiting...... You might get a see him you might not........ If you played with him before and know his game style............He is watching and always waiting...........
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    Well guys I'm jumping servers and you better tighten up your base
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    Today Saturday, January 28, I suffered a racism of the player desig, said that my language, which is spoken here in Brazil, is a third world language and does not equal the country that same lives that is the US, I found this Repugnant, and very revolting, as we are fighting against various rights, and against communism! And now I am discriminated against by a person who says he is better than I and my country brothers. Here are the tests:
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    Thank you for letting me know, He will get a temp ban for is racism and not obeying our rules. Bruiser
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    My friend on leaving the trading zone was killed by the desig player.
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    This guy was using UAV to follow other players. That's in the safe zone.
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    -Safe zones are for trading only. Any players found to be using the safe zones to exit frag or camp will be subject to removal from SG servers. If you are near the safezone and see people going or coming from safezone you might want to just move on. Try to be at least 400 meters away from safezones before engaging combat. Any proof of Safe Zone camping will result in an immediate ban for 24 hours. Anyone getting in someones vehicle or messing with other players in safezone can result in permanent ban!
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    Today I was accused of disconnecting in combat by player Sam. I had finished a CZP mission, so I disconnected because the bombs were going to fall. But there was no warning on my screen. I waited the 10 seconds and disconnected.
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    Hi, my name is Hyotaru and i've been playing on this lovely server for over 3 weeks now, not long but long enough to think up on a couple ideas for both performance of the Tanoa server, and for pleasure. starting with performance, i've noticed the server has a abnormally long despawn timer on player bodies and destroyed vehicles, other servers i've played on have cut the time greatly to increase fps, when a heli blows up and a hour later its still there, something just isn't right with that, considering you cant even do anything with it. its just something that should have a very quick timer on it, so its 1 less thing the server doesn't have to load and keep track of. For my next idea, and im sure everyone can agree upon, spawning in with guns is no big deal, and it puts you into combat from the start, which im sure alot of people like. but being able to spawn at the same zone over and over again with no timer gets old and can kill servers. people who have worked hard to fight off groups at a mission and also fight the AI and win, should have that peace of mind that they can gain the spoils without a bambi spawning in with a gun right back ontop of them. not to mention if you kill them you lose 2-3k respect cause they are still considered a bambi. for my last segment, im going to cover my personal pleasures, 1 being the introduction of MBT or any kind of heavy tanks. hell, if you can somehow bring in WW2 or Vietnam war era tanks, i can see someone claiming it would be too OP but i disagree, the Y-32 VTOL with its complete armaments could easily rip anyone a new hole and easily get away, simple rules could be set in place to prevent any issues, such as base camping with one could be banished or ect. rules would need to be discussed further. 2 pleasure would be a plane that is armed, again be it Biplane or even a WW2 era, if possible, only because of the littered Japanese Zeros i see around the islands. for all who have read this thank you, and i hope you all agree. for both performance fixes and my more personal pleasures that not only myself would enjoy of course ;). -Hyotaru
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    Hey mang, I'd like to play Napf. Thanks.
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    Do we have an estimated time of when this will be happening?
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