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  1. bug

    I wonder if they are blowing up. do you park them close to a tree? or where a tree use to be?
  2. it works just fine. that little chopper and heli pad are map props. the aircraft spawn is across the road. and I just tested it. works just fine.
  3. Zumbie, I logged in and opened a few doors and nothing happened. Even as a normal player. .if at all possible can you be more specific? maybe send me a video. Make sure all your mods are up to date.
  4. updated server again. let me know if that works.
  5. ok you should be unbanned.. sorry, infistar banned you. try not to move so much money at one time.. Thanks,
  6. do you have apex?
  7. how old are you and have you used infistar before?
  8. this is solved, I talked to you last night.
  9. you have been unbanned.. we have anti hack running.. you triggered it when you sold so much at one time.. try to break it up a little bit so you don't make so much money all at one time.. Thanks, Bruiser
  10. you are too far from your flag. you need upgrade your flag.. at the office trader.
  11. Chernarus #1 will be down for a data center move at Nuclear Fallout. NFO assures me it should be back up soon.. I guess they are running into difficulty. I'll post here once it is back up.. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Bruiser
  12. They will be back on next restart. Sorry about that. I had to tweak DMS to work with Chernarus_Isles.
  13. Please refer to server rules, it has building limits. As for reimbursement, yes we can give you a new mixer. Please give me your ingame name and when you will be on next. And which server you play on. Bruiser
  14. You are wondering if base spawn is an option now? Yes. we have added this option. it does have a cool down timer of 15 minutes.
  15. Unfortunately, we cannot add CUPS vehicles, weapons or units. We are an official monetized server from bohemia and that will void our current authorization. I did add HVP over the weekend. so you can enjoy some new vehicles.
  16. if your screen shot is in your steam account do you mind posting it here? I don't have time to go look at peoples steam accounts to find a screenshot when you could easily take another 10 seconds and post it. Thanks,
  17. I use a controller as well. I always have with Arma 3.
  18. I did verify and it does work perfectly fine. you need at least 5 people on the server to start a hack.
  19. Post video here unless it is too big then post on YouTube and put in Link in post
  20. Forum reputation is a way to show if community members are giving forum post that other members like or dislike,. in this case he didnt like something you posted and gave you a thumbs down on it.. this works this way on every forums out there... doesn't effect anything else.. just a reputation.. on the forums..
  21. Check your status bar or in your xm8 app. It has view distance settings. If you already did that then go into the arma 3 video options.. its either there or in the xm8 app.
  22. I just logged into Esseker. with no trouble at all.. Jump on TeamSpeak if you can.. I'm on for the next couple hours.
  23. are you using a3launcher?
  24. Welcome to Sager Gaming! We hope to create a fun and diverse environment for you to enjoy. With a very active community we have some Rules and Info you need to read before playing on our servers: MAP TIPS and TRICKS * Map icons have changed. Pacifiers = spawn zones / Poptabs = trader camps. * Cement Mixers are located on map where you can craft concrete structures. * Poptabs are now a PHYSICAL entity that will drop if you are killed. * You can store Poptabs in LOCKERS located at Trader or in Safes. * You can store up to $5,000,000 in your locker * If you kill a player/mission AI, look for their Poptab loot bag on ground. * Upgrade your flagpole AT TRADER to increase base radius and increase objects to be placed. * Roaming AI vehicles may EXPLODE when the last occupant/driver is killed. GENERAL RULES and ETIQUETTE * Don't beg or ask for poptabs. Go out and earn your own way. * Don't Ask For any Teleports. We will not do it. (Case by Case situations) * No voice in Side Chat. Repeat offenders will be kicked or banned. * No racist or sexist comment in chat or voice. * Being abusive will result in you being kicked or banned. * Don't ask repeatedly for an admin for issues you can resolve yourself. * Demanding an admin to come to you wont end well for you. Be respectful. * Admin decisions are final * Arguing or disrespecting an admin may get you kicked or banned. * Use our forums to provide feedback in a respectful and productive manner. TRADE-ZONE RULES and more. * YOU are responsible to read and stay informed regarding our server rules. IGNORANCE is not an excuse for poor behavior. * NO duplicating items or pop tabs. NO hacking or using exploits for profit or gain. Hacking/glitching/duping will earn you an instant ban. * NO parking locked vehicles on main/paved roads. * NO camping Trader Zones. * NO killing people within 500m of Trader Zones.Try to be at least 500 meters from the edge of the safe zones before engaging combat * NO killing or driving over Traders. * NO stealing at any Trader Zone. * NO looting crates, containers or vehicles in any Trader Zone. * NO placing mines within 500m of any runway. * NO killing or placing mines within 500m of Trader Zones. * NO storing equipment or parking vehicles or pods in Trader Zones. * NO dropping vehicles onto bases. * NO wall hacking into bases. * NO admin teleports for your character or poptab freebies. *** Accusations of cheating/hacking must be backed up by evidence otherwise it is just your word against someone else's. Admin assistance requires video evidence 9 times out of 10, therefore it is the responsibility of the player to ensure they have shadow play or video recording software and to make use of it. * Compensation requires evidence for everything on this server.*** * Random spawned vehicles cannot be locked and are deleted on restart. * Buy your own vehicles at Traders to make them lockable. * Vehicles parked in safe zones will unlock at server restart. * There will be no compensation for items lost due to Exile/Arma bugs. * PVP is allowed but give people a chance to re-gear after killing them. * You are no longer considered a fresh spawn if you have a weapon OR if you are miles from the spawn area and are still unarmed. * Repeatedly running back to your body to get your gear in a fire-fight will get you killed, so don't complain about it. Either wait, or re-gear elsewhere. Real World Trading: Real world trading is forbidden from SagerGaming Exile, players are not to sell in-game items, currency or anything of that category for real money. BUILDING RULES * NO building 500m from the edge of Safe Zone or Spawn Point. * NO building 500m from airfields or military areas. * NO obstructing roads (stay 1 wall width away from roads and no building over paved roads). * NO blocking of water or fuel stations. * NO building on fire stations. * Building is allowed in all other areas. Ask if you're unsure. * Don't park vehicles on constructed floors or too close to other items over a restart or you run the risk of the vehicle exploding when you log in again. * Use the Virtual Garage in your XM8 App-Remember to empty your inventory first it will not save. * Parking helicopters on wood floors is NOT recommended. * Land vehicles function best parked on map ground. * Wooden base walls and floors are NOT bullet proof. * Fortified wooden walls are bullet RESISTANT, but not bullet proof. Concrete is bullet proof. * Don't log out in a vehicle (if you do, you may die logging in - spam VAULT to attempt to get off vehicle in time). * Exile and Arma have alot of bugs and glitches. Sometimes random explosions and deaths occur as a result. We are not responsible for bugs in the game, if this happens just suck it up. Purchase Price Radius Number of Objects {5000, 10, 20 }, // Level 1 {10000, 20, 40 }, // Level 2 {20000, 30, 60 }, // Level 3 {35000, 40, 80 }, // Level 4 {50000, 50, 100 }, // Level 5 {100000, 75, 120 }, // Level 6 {150000, 100, 140 }, // Level 7 {200000, 120, 160 }, // Level 8 {300000, 135, 180 }, // Level 9 {500000, 150, 200 }, // Level 10