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  1. updated server again. let me know if that works.
  2. ok you should be unbanned.. sorry, infistar banned you. try not to move so much money at one time.. Thanks,
  3. do you have apex?
  4. how old are you and have you used infistar before?
  5. this is solved, I talked to you last night.
  6. you have been unbanned.. we have anti hack running.. you triggered it when you sold so much at one time.. try to break it up a little bit so you don't make so much money all at one time.. Thanks, Bruiser
  7. you are too far from your flag. you need upgrade your flag.. at the office trader.
  8. Chernarus #1 will be down for a data center move at Nuclear Fallout. NFO assures me it should be back up soon.. I guess they are running into difficulty. I'll post here once it is back up.. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Bruiser
  9. They will be back on next restart. Sorry about that. I had to tweak DMS to work with Chernarus_Isles.
  10. Please refer to server rules, it has building limits. As for reimbursement, yes we can give you a new mixer. Please give me your ingame name and when you will be on next. And which server you play on. Bruiser
  11. You are wondering if base spawn is an option now? Yes. we have added this option. it does have a cool down timer of 15 minutes.
  12. Unfortunately, we cannot add CUPS vehicles, weapons or units. We are an official monetized server from bohemia and that will void our current authorization. I did add HVP over the weekend. so you can enjoy some new vehicles.
  13. if your screen shot is in your steam account do you mind posting it here? I don't have time to go look at peoples steam accounts to find a screenshot when you could easily take another 10 seconds and post it. Thanks,
  14. I use a controller as well. I always have with Arma 3.
  15. I did verify and it does work perfectly fine. you need at least 5 people on the server to start a hack.