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  2. thank you Sagergaming, server Esseker Exile has been updated
  3. Last week
  4. updated server again. let me know if that works.
  5. i was wondering when will it be updated?
  6. Earlier
  7. ok you should be unbanned.. sorry, infistar banned you. try not to move so much money at one time.. Thanks,
  8. do you have apex?
  9. how old are you and have you used infistar before?
  10. I was doing expert missions in the server and when i finished them i gathered all the loot with mi friend and since he didn't want the loot i sold it and i got aprox 2 mill and when i went to deposit all the money it insta-banned me This was Saturday, June 19th at aprox 12:30
  11. I have noticed the server seems to be short admins and was wondering if you are hiring admins and how I would go about becoming one if so. The server is great and I would love to be a part of the server growth and help with anything needed.
  12. i have to agree. you can kill almost every NPC at an occupation mission and get aim botted by one and lose everything. i would say keep it the same for the PVP but against AI it should be cut back. im at the point ill be wearing orange next time i spawn. and if you can, plz put in more roaming AI and make the raiding party big again. that would give cowboy something to shoot other than players all the time.
  13. Hello, I suggest decrease the respect you loose evry time you die in chernarus server, some players can hardly make some respect by selling things or killing NPCS in hours (and being killed in the way), but you loose hours of work in seconds being killed most of the times by arma bugs or glitches. im sure more players will keep playing this server by doing this
  14. this is solved, I talked to you last night.
  15. on yeah i for got that pirates are not around any more but we know they are but yet arma 3 exile is about u the player a prisoner on a island with missions like stolen kitt from knight rider,stolen helis ,walmat riot,lost navy seals and more plus traders that sell guns helis,jets,cars and tanks oh and you can fix any vehicle with duct tape so mmmmm yeah some sea going missions would be a nice change oh and i for got to say ZOMBIES on some ARMA servers too so jokes on u joker
  16. Me and my group of friends can't think if a reason I was banned. I was at a mission with nark and looting a crate and got admin banned. Can't get ahold of any admins. I've been on sager server for almost 400 hours now. It's the only server I ever play on. -Irhcsa PS: sorry for double posting I posted in wrong forum I think.
  17. pirate ships? lost treasure? this is ARMA not "Pirates of the Caribbean"! :-D
  18. Hi i love that there are alot of missions on land but is there a way to maybe implement sea missions like 1 lost/stranded navy ship 2 pirate ship 3 Lost Tresure i just feel there is not much to do with the boats and some sea missions would be a change and fun also is there a way of a full screen NV and maybe thermel on the stryder thanks for reading
  19. type in SAGER is A3 search and the server will come up. the server was moved a few days back. when you find it FAV it in A3 and un-FAV the old one that says password.
  20. So I am an Idiot apparently a3launcher doesn't update the server I had to re find the server
  21. May 28th I tried to get no Chernarus #1 I believe and the name has changed to [PASSWORD] CHANGED IP-ADDRESS (ipaddress) SagerGaming.com0 ExileChernarus and it requires a password? Is the Server down?
  22. Alright thank you so much my man. appreciate it
  23. you have been unbanned.. we have anti hack running.. you triggered it when you sold so much at one time.. try to break it up a little bit so you don't make so much money all at one time.. Thanks, Bruiser
  24. On Exile chernarus #2 i was at vybor trader and about 15 mins before i went there i completed a mission called "Vybor Occupation" and about 10 to 20 mins i completed the mission and gathered the gear crate and also collected about all the weapons and gear from the AI's. so once i was done with the mission i was headed to vybor trader and i sold my regular strider and all the gear in it that was worth about 350k to 400k including the car so i sold it then about 2 secs after i was banned and it just says "You Were Banned". I have no idea what i have done, maybe sold to much at a time? i honestly have no idea. in game name:Tom Wanks
  25. that's how they raided our base, with that damn wall glitch. we had two bulkheads holding the base up, one was for the flag the other was a dummy, they knew just where to put the charge and not waste the mobile phone.
  26. ZOMBIES?????? do you miss DAYZ? AI/NPC not enough? NO ZOMBIES! thats the reason many players came to this server, no zombies.
  27. Hey i was wondering if it would be possible to add say zombies onto the server? maybe some more guns vehicles etc?
  28. can't see why anyone would use anything else for flying and driving. the controller just makes life easier.
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