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  3. This was wednesday 30th of august at aprox 7:35 pm
  4. Hi i was doing missions and collecting the loot and when i went to sold the stuff i got banned, i had 2000000 in my wallet at the time of the ban all the money came from the stuff that i sold my tag in-game is The English
  5. how about sharks with fricken lasers on their head?
  6. as long as you weren't camping a safe zone then I see no issue, its PVP. players need to open the XM8 more often and do player scans. sounds like they were just angry at being poached.
  7. bug

    same thing happening over on the cherno map. they're not blowing up, they just vanish at restart.
  8. bug

    I wonder if they are blowing up. do you park them close to a tree? or where a tree use to be?
  9. bug

    Hi there, I have had the same issue twice in 2 days. Locked vehicle out in the woods, disconnected. After the restart, it's completely gone. Multiple people have had this issue. Not in the safezone, Locked, Player-owned
  10. it works just fine. that little chopper and heli pad are map props. the aircraft spawn is across the road. and I just tested it. works just fine.
  11. At the central trader, closest to the volcano, the air vehicle spawn point is blocked by a helicopter. From my experience in arma code this vehicle seems to have been placed as a part of the map with physics simulation disabled thus why I'm unsure if this is intentional. The chopper sits on the spawn pad for air vehicles at this trader and prevents the purchasing of any new ones. It persists through restarts. Further- it is NOT a player vehicle. It is either the game trying to handle a previously wrecked one and failing to do so correctly thus disabling simulation (unlikely) or it is placed in the map for some reason (much more likely) To my knowledge this is not intentional; however, if so, I recommend removing the aircraft vendor from that trader specifically instead of blocking the spawn point. It would achieve the same goal without cluttering the trader as much, or causing any confusion.
  12. Zumbie, I logged in and opened a few doors and nothing happened. Even as a normal player. .if at all possible can you be more specific? maybe send me a video. Make sure all your mods are up to date.
  13. I had shot and killed two players by the name of Zumie and Deadpool at an AI mission earlier today. Shortly after they proceeded to tell me that I was about to be banned. When asked what rule I had broken the response was along the lines of "you waited until we did all the work and then killed us" When reading the rules I do not recall any rule pertaining to this. The kills were in no proximity to a safezone and the two I was firing at were in no way heading towards or away from any safezone as they had been standing still for nearly 5 minutes and showed no attempt to leave the area. After the kills I did not resort to any profanity or slurs/insults. In fact the only time I spoke was to defend myself from their claims and to ask what rule was broken. If, after all this, I have committed a bannable offense then I accept my punishment and apologize for not correctly reading the rules. Throughout the server it is advertised as very clearly a PVP server (not limited to specific zones). Thank you.
  14. Hi Can login put as soon as open a door or anything I get Kicked off, this is also happening to other players. Please can you take a look Thanks ZUMBIE
  15. Yup, was issues with ISP, resolved. Sorry!
  16. Nevermind, I think I figured it out. Ping too high......need a reboot of my home equipment. Trying now
  17. Was kicked from server and cannot rejoin. Anyone tell me why? Everytime I try to rejoin, it says I was kicked from the game. Thanks, Hammond
  18. True this would make the game more interesting. maybe some new guns as well?
  19. I agree. Well said, Michael Phelps fan #993834883
  20. bump
  21. I believe there should be an addage of amphibious predators lurking the waters of Tanoa. Wether these mythical beasts were victims of poaching, and extinction is beside me. All i believe to know, is that there should in fact, statistically be sharks roaming the great waters of Tanoa. Also as a Side note, why the fuck do we swim so god dang slow. Not complaining or anything, just an enthusiastic Michael Phelps fan, and i would like to model him in Arma 3 without the use of Flippers.
  22. I think it'd be dope if we had to face more than just bandits and about sharks? I think we should be able to fight off sharks whilst diving and swimming in the waters of Tanoa.
  23. thank you Sagergaming, server Esseker Exile has been updated
  24. updated server again. let me know if that works.
  25. i was wondering when will it be updated?
  26. ok you should be unbanned.. sorry, infistar banned you. try not to move so much money at one time.. Thanks,
  27. do you have apex?
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